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Senior Minister Rob Cunningham

TPC Church Wagga
Senior Minister Rob Cunningham

A Moment With God Can Change Everything
The heart of the Father is to accept people in any shape or form…

At TPC we try to reach out beyond the door of religion and do our best to find the heart of God and ALL that He has for us. You will find that a key part of who we are is a people that believe in the ‘here and now present reality of the living God’. We just want it, because a moment with God can change everything!

As the Senior Minister I have made some mistakes and I will again in the future, but that is the journey of life and I have learned far more from my failures than my successes.

For years I thought that trying to change my behaviour or reach, and try to live up to, a standard was Church. And I did my best to make it. But through a burn-out I realised I was on the wrong bus. The Father is not after our works but our heart.

The Father is love; embracing and all encompassing, even more so when we are reaching outside of our comfort zone. That is our Heart at TPC; to help people become all they are by breaking patterns and habits of life and replacing them with a vulnerability to the Spirit that can change everything in a moment.

TPC Church Wagga
Pastor Ben Hoitink
TPC Church Wagga
Pastor Isabel Baker
TPC Church Wagga
Trainee Pastor Will Phillips

Oversight Team

TPC Church Wagga
Senior Minister Rob Cunningham
TPC Church Wagga
Pastor Ben Hoitink
TPC Church Wagga
Keith Barron
TPC Church Wagga
Janice Oliver
TPC Church Wagga
Kez Phillips

What You'll Find at TPC

At The Promise Centre you will find a grace centered community of believers determined to reveal love, the true nature of God.  We are determined to lead those who are willing to be led into freedom and away from the bondages that religion creates.

These determinations are outworked through clear biblical teaching, the pursuit and expression of the power and presence of God in all our meetings, genuine heartfelt connection with each other, and a consistent commitment to being active in our local community and also in nations around the globe.

Where many other church bodies are ushering the power and presence of God out of their services we make a priority of allowing God to prove Himself by His power and presence evident in our lives.  We encourage 100% involvement of individuals in the work of ministry with the purpose of our leadership team being to support, equip, release and promote those willing to activate their faith.

We hope that we have captured your interest even just a little and we would love to hear from you or to get to know you in person if you would like to know more about us. Our office is open 9am-3pm Tuesday to Friday and of course we would like to personally invite you to one or both of our Sunday services.

Hope to see you soon,

Pastor Rob and The Promise Centre team.



What We Believe

Our mission statement is,

“To be all we already are in Christ and to help others see this truth”

We believe that God IS love and perfect love nullifies all fear and allows us to unconditionally accept everyone. 1 John 4:16-21

We believe God is still speaking today by the Holy Spirit and His voice is evidenced by the Fruit of the Spirit, not by fear, guilt, condemnation, or threat. Galatians 5:22-23

We believe that Jesus Christ died upon the cross to redeem our lives from the condition of being separated from God and to bring about the forgiveness of sins for all mankind. Our commission is to make others aware of this. Hebrews 10:12

We believe that Jesus Christ rose from the dead on the third day and now sits at the right hand of the living God making intercession for all humanity and is at peace with where we are as His creation. Romans 8:34

We believe that Jesus Christ has totally satisfied Gods requirement for justice. Further to that, we believe that because of what Jesus has done on the cross, we will never face judgement as He took our place as the once and for all sacrifice. Jeremiah 31:34, Hebrews 8:12, Hebrews 10:17

We believe that the Bible in its original language is the infallible Word of God but we are vitally interested in getting past the superficial black and white text currently available and in pursuing the truth of the authors’ original intention. We study by means of exploring the grammatical, historical, contextual basis for scripture and the audience relevance of those in receipt of the original letters. 2 Timothy 3:16

We hold that everything Jesus declared has happened exactly as He stated it would, the end of the Mosaic age has taken place and we now live in the Kingdom age. Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21

We believe that God loves all people and sent His only begotten son to die upon the cross to get them to wake up, firstly to their destiny and secondly to the love that God has for them, not to send them to hell. John 3:15-17

We believe the Gifts of the Spirit are for today and that the Holy Spirit manifests them as He chooses amongst His church. We believe that we must fan into flame that gift He has given us and we should desire the out working of Gods power through us. 1 Corinthians 12:28-31, Mark 16:17-18

We believe that the Church is the place for community empowerment. The Church is the salt and light of the community and the world and is not the umpire of humanity set up to judiciously declare what is right and what is wrong. Matthew 5:13-14, 2 Corinthians 5:16-21

We believe the church’s job is the empowering of people by means of awakening them to the fact that God loves them regardless of action, deed or intention thus producing disciples who can make disciples, whose mission is the awakening of souls, the gathering of the world, and the fulfilling of the great commission. All of this being done through the walk of faith and the sharing of the word that expresses the good news that God is not angry and His judgement has been fully satisfied in Christ. Matthew 28:18-20

We believe that human beings are eternal creatures who will live forever and our goal is to manifest our eternal connection to God on the earth today. Revelation 21:3-4

We believe that you must be born again to experience the fullness of God’s life within each person, that you cannot even see Heaven by any other way other than faith in Jesus Christ. Not by good works or by being religious. Ephesians 2:8-9, John 3:3-6

We believe that there is absolutely no separation between us and God. We do not work to close some imaginary gap. Christ’s death on the cross has enabled us to sit with Him right now in heavenly places. Romans 8:35-39, Ephesians 2:4-6

We believe in servant leaders engaged in releasing people to their potential rather than being focused on trying to control their behaviour. We know that the more someone comes to know how much God loves them, the less interested they are in doing things which are not beneficial to them. Ephesians 4:11-13, 1 Corinthians 6:12, 1 Corinthians 10:23, 2 Corinthians 5:14

Our Christian life is not about right and wrong, does and don’ts, rules and regulations… it is about grace, connection and the revealing of the Son’s of God (you and me) into His likeness in unity and oneness with Him.



Future Direction

In August 2008, internationally recognised prophet, Ed Traut, spoke a word over The Promise Centre. We have already experienced firsthand Ed’s accuracy in hearing from God and we have full expectation that what follows will be outworked as the future of The Promise Centre.

“You are very blessed. You are a wonderful church. Amazing things are going to happen in this church.

…you’re not going to sell this building (48 Vestey St), but you’re going to have another building. Not close to this one. Somewhere towards the town and it will be a building that’s already established that you’re going to take over eventually but you’ll have buildings in between there.

This building, I believe what the Lord showed me, was going to be a school or some sort of academy of some kind used for the Lord. It’s not something you’ll surrender. That’s what I believe God showed me and God really wants to make an impact through this church to your community.

…you guys have come this far, but He wants to take you so much further. To make a real impact in this city, and He wants to use you. It’s that simple.”



You can make direct deposits for your offering, set up ongoing payments for College fees or simply make a one-off donation direct into our bank using internet banking.  Simply use your name and the reason for your giving as the payment reference eg. nameoffering

The Promise Centre
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