The Bridge

The Bridge is a non-profit organisation of Christian professionals including Registered Psychologists and Qualified Counsellors under the auspice of The Promise Centre Incorporated.  Our purpose is to help people develop to their fullest potential and to provide comfort and hope in their current need.   We intend to assist by implementing practical, professional and comprehensive counselling and programs for the development of personal and family potential in an environment of unconditional love and non-judgemental acceptance.

Life is an adventure and at times can seem difficult and unmanageable.  It’s not always the major dilemmas that we need help with but the smaller issues that can create breakdowns in coping with life.  This creates a need to verbalise these issues in a safe environment, helping us to think clearly again.  Counselling provides the opportunity to discuss life’s issues in the broadest possible ways and to offer a different perspective and discover creative solutions.  Sharing your thoughts and feelings in a supportive relationship with someone not personally involved in your life can be most helpful.  This experience can often lead to insight and clarity that usually eases anxiety and pain.


We provide support for:

  • People suffering depression and anxiety
  • Conflict management and mediation
  • Grief and loss
  • Medicare Mental Health Plans (GP referred)
  • Family therapy
  • Marriage/Relationship counselling
  • Marriage preparation
  • Help for coping with life stressors
  • Christian discipleship counselling to assist individuals to “become all that we already are in Christ”.


Privacy Statement

The Bridge is committed to protecting your personal information.  Professional counselling is provided in accordance with privacy legislation.  We regard all client information as confidential and we will conduct all counselling support with the utmost integrity and honesty.


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