The Promise Centre has always strived to connect with the city of Wagga Wagga and the wider community through organising many outreach initiatives such as Elkanah Retreat, The Amazing Race, Billy Lids, Super Human Youth, Young Adults, Ladies Lifewell, etc.

TPC has funded the planting of churches in many overseas countries, and led missions teams all over the world. The latest step in this field was led by Pastor Mick Baker and his family; the first from The Promise Centre to take a massive leap of faith in their own hearts and move away from their residence in the midst of Wagga Wagga, and relocate to the semi-isolated suburbs of Oura. Pastor Mick and his family were quickly accepted into the community as they made themselves available to embrace a new lifestyle in a new community. Mick enrolled in the Rural Fire Fighting Association and his wife Karen started a kids club. From there they established a weekly prayer meeting for any of their new friends who were interested, and have since organised a weekly church service – primarily focused on simply providing a relaxed and welcoming environment to give support to the locals and an opportunity for the community to unite in faith and friendship.

They are also raising funds to help purchase the existing Church building at Oura which will be used as a Community building together with their Church home.  Below is a brief excerpt explaining their fundraising idea. For more info or order details please contact Mick Baker via the social media details or the contact form below.

“We have begun our fundraising towards the purchase of the now closed Scots Church of the Pioneers Oura and are inviting everyone in the village, their family and friends, former residents and everyone else who might be interested to purchase inscribed pavers which will form part of a Heritage Honour Path to be installed in the church grounds.

The Church building is a community asset and will be used along with the hall for a variety of community events as well as being retained as a church and being available for functions, youth activities and council arts and cultural events.”

Single paver with 3 lines of 12 characters each – $60
Double paver with 6 lines of 12 characters each – $100


The Pioneer Cafe Church - All Welcome

All are invited to the weekly services that start at 1:30pm each Sunday, as well as the 4th Sunday of each month which commences at 12pm and includes a community cafe and lunch.

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