Missions work in Vanuatu

Vanuatu has always been a location close to our heart and, just this year (2015), an opportunity arose for us to resume our missions work there. We have sent two missions teams so far since this reconnection, with plans to send many more in the future. The teams had accommodation with Pastor George and his family at the ‘John Williams – Living Rock Bible School’ on the island Espiritu Santo.

We had the opportunity to teach at the College and spend heaps of time with the students, which was a great way for us to establish friendships with the young people and learn a lot about their culture. They invited us to share at the local church, run by Ps George, as well as run several Kids Church sessions and a day at the preschool using our supplies brought from Australia. It was fantastic to see the excitement amongst the children as we handed out pencils, crayons, glue, scissors, coloured stickers and glitter, balls and books; and the people so happy and grateful to receive thongs, towels, toothbrushes, soap and hygiene products, sheets and mozzie nets that we left behind. Some things that may mean nothing to us, or very little, can light up their world.

It was an amazing experience and eye-opener for the two mission teams and it sparked a passion to help the loving gracious people of Vanuatu. Since the return of the second trip, The Promise Centre has established a ‘Change for Change’ program giving everybody the opportunity to pitch in and donate to change a nation.

We have recently had word from Pastor George, informing us that he has felt a need to resign from his job so that he can better facilitate the college and spend as much time as possible teaching the students. He has taken an immense step of faith in that God will supply to his needs through us here at The Promise Centre. Pastor George was the sole source of income for the college so, for him to now have resigned from his job, his every need is relying on us. We believe that it was God’s hand whom opened the doorway to Vanuatu, and showed us the perfect opportunity to see His working through the lives of all the wonderful people there; inspiring us to give and relieve Ps George of his financial needs.

If you feel as though you would like to donate to The Promise Centre’s extended family in Vanuatu, please contact the church office.

Missions work is at the heart of The Promise Centre and literally pulsates through our lives. Included in our missions work is both overseas and local missions.

We have sent teams into a range of nations including Columbia, India, Ukraine, Kazikstan, China, Mozambique (IRIS Ministries), Uganda (Kitgum), Vanuatu, Fiji, Russia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Laos.

We also focus on supporting the local community where possible. Our community care services include food support, clothing distribution, counselling and education. More details can be found under the Community Care link in the menu bar above.

Through our connection with Surge (formerly Global 12 Project) we have already financially assisted in the planting of 22 churches to date in various locations around the world as can be seen on the following graphic. We will update this graphic as more churches are planted.

TPC Church Plants and Missions Trip Locations

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